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The table below lists permits issued during World War II. They show that coal was being transported from Bradford Colliery by canal at this time. Because the Bradford Branch of the Ashton Canal was privately owned, permits were issued at the nearby Park Lock (lock 7) where there was a lock-keepers cottage used as a toll house.

Manchester Collieries Ltd, who operated Bradford Colliery, were the owners of the two boats used, Nos. 291 and 311. The captain was James Hall of Droylsden who carried for other companies as well as Manchester Collieries. When coal was carried onto the Rochdale Canal, the final destination was not recorded on the permits. The Rochdale Canal was independent of the Ashton Canal and this meant that boats entering the Rochdale Canal at Ducie Street, Ancoats, required a second permit to be issued before they could proceed.

879 Dec 1942291CoalRochdale Canal18½
10414 Jan 1943291Slack¹Rochdale Canal18¼
11128 Jan 1943291CoalOil & Tallow Refinery²20
11430 Jan 1943291SlackRochdale Canal20¼
11610 Feb 1943291CoalRochdale Canal22
14020 Mar 1943291SlackRochdale Canal20
14123 Mar 1943291SlackRochdale Canal21½
15221 Apr 1943291CoalRochdale Canal19½
16319 May 1943291 & 311CoalRochdale Canal43
16826 May 1943311SlackOil & Tallow Refinery20½
2016 Sep 1943311CoalRochdale Canal20
21430 Sep 1943311 & 291CoalRochdale Canal20 & 19¼
23030 Oct 1943291 & 311CoalRochdale Canal20¾ & 21¼
36821 Jan 1944311 & 291CoalRochdale Canal21¼ & 18¼
44822 Mar 1944311 & 291CoalRochdale Canal40½
47112 May 1944291 & 311CoalRochdale Canal20 & 21¼

¹Slack was a mixture of small pieces of coal, coal dust and dirt.
²The Oil & Tallow Refinery was situated in Ancoats by Quaker's Pond, which was the name given to the section of the Ashton Canal between locks 3 and 4.

The permits record that a total of 445¾ tons of coal was transported from Bradford Colliery by canal over a period of 1 year and 5 months between 9 December 1942 and 12 May 1944.