Class 506 EMUs

The British Rail Class 506 was a three-carriage Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) built for local services between Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield on the Woodhead Railway. This local line was part of LNER’s scheme to electrify the Manchester – Sheffield and Wath route using a 1,500V dc overhead system. Due to the Second World War this service did not open until the 14 June 1954 when eight units were introduced. At peak times it was possible to form two 6-carriage units leaving one spare unit and one undergoing maintenance.

The units were manufactured by the Birmingham Railway and Carriage Company of Smethwick, Birmingham, and they were fitted with GEC traction motors and electrical equipment. Each unit had one pantograph mounted above the cab. They had electro-magnetic brakes and five-lamp route indicators.

This line was the last functioning 1,500V dc overhead system on the British Rail network and it closed on the 7 December 1984. None of these units were preserved.

There were eight units and each carriage was individually numbered as shown in the table.

1 M59401M M59501M M59601M
2 M59402M M59502M M59602M
3 M59403M M59503M M59603M
4 M59404M M59504M M59604M
5 M59405M M59505M M59605M
6 M59406M M59506M M59606M
7 M59407M M59507M M59607M
8 M59408M M59508M M59608M

Class 506 EMU Unit No. 7, Nos M59407M, M59507M and M59607M.