Upper Peak Forest Canal

Bothomes Hall Swivel & Foot Bridges,

These two bridges were situated 286 yards before Whaley Bridge Junction and they were provided to give access to Bothomes Hall (formerly Bottoms Hall) from the Manchester – Buxton turnpike. Formerly, this locality was part of Yeardsley-cum-Whaley in Cheshire and the hall was built as a Dower House associated with the Legh family of Lyme Hall, Disley. By the 1840s it was a homestead both owned and occupied by John Robinson who farmed the surrounding land. In the 1980s it was compulsory purchased as part of the Whaley – Chapel by-pass scheme and afterwards it fell into ruin. In the first decade of the 21st century the building was rescued and restoration work commenced.

A boat dock was situated on the offside of the canal 88 yards further on than these bridges and this was owned by Richard Fox, a boat builder.

The original Bothomes Hall Swivel and Foot Bridges, Bridgemont, looking north towards Marple, early 20th century.

Neither of these bridges is now extant.