Sandstone Quarry

Lower Haughton, Haughton Green, Lancashire

This disused sandstone quarry lies in Lower Haughton close to Arden Bridge over the river Tame. A map of 1848 shows that this quarry was being worked at this time.

There was another sandstone quarry in Haughton Green, situated on the west side of Haughton Green Road a short distance south west of the Clarke's Arms (subsequently The Top House and then, briefly, a convenience store).

Sandstone Quarry, 1 March 2009.
Sandstone Quarry, 1 March 2009.
Row of cottages in Lower Haughton by Arden Weir, 9 January 1950.

These stone-built cottages were provided for quarrymen working in the sandstone quarry.
Row of cottages in Lower Haughton, c.1900.

The datestone in the centre of the row shows that they were built in 1868.