Share Certificate of the Peak Forest Mining Company

Two Thousand Shares
Share Number 190 dated Wednesday, 17 February 1858
Henry Hills, Secretary
John Hewett  |
Joseph Smith  }  Directors
John Pitt    |

The Peak Forest Mining Company was a lead-mining company founded in 1858 for the specific purpose of re-working an old mine, called Coalpithole Mine, at Perryfoot, High Peak, Derbyshire (Grid Ref. SK 101 813). Perryfoot is situated on the B6061 road, ¾ mile north east of Sparrowpit on the A623 road.

Sheffield businessmen largely financed this company and a lot of money was spent sinking new shafts and erecting pumping and winding machinery. The pumping shaft was situated just to the north of the road near Whitelee (Grid Ref. SK 098 813) and this was sunk to a depth of over 133 yards. Another shaft was sunk at the western end of the vein, largely through shale, to a depth of about 220 yards. This mine was one of the few lead mines to eventually have a steam-winding engine installed. This was used for both winding and pumping and it was made by a Leeds engineering firm in 1865. However, this venture was short lived and the company closed during the 1880s.