Lower Peak Forest Canal

Dewsnap Colliery Coal Basin

Originally, Dewsnap Colliery in Dukinfield was operated by the Dunkirk Coal Company and it was connected by tramway to Dewsnap Colliery Coal Basin on the offside of the Peak Forest Canal. The Tithe Map of 1850 shows this basin and its associated tramway to have been abandoned. The reason for this was the closure of Dewsnap Colliery and its replacement by Dewsnap New Pit about 273 yards to the west, which was sunk in 1845/46.

Dewsnap Colliery Coal Basin was situated on the offside of the canal about midway between Dewsnap Basin and the Newton Wood Private Branch. The Ordnance Survey map of 1875 shows no trace of the former existence of either the basin or tramway.

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