Samuel Hadfield

an antiquary of Haughton and Denton, Lancashire

Samuel Hadfield (4 Jun 1825-23 Jul 1901) was born to John Hadfield and Betty Robinson who were married at Manchester Cathedral on the 9 Jun 1823. He was born in a cottage on Old Broom Lane, Haughton, and he was resident there all his life. He married Susannah Cheetham at Christ Church, Denton, on the 14 Jan 1854 and this was the first ever celebrated at this church. The couple had three children, all born at their cottage, William Greswell (1856), Edward Greswell (1857) and Jane (1860).

At first he worked as a weaver at Kingston Mill, Hyde, but afterwards he went into the hatting industry at Denton. From an early age he took an interest in local history and wrote accounts of Denton hatting folk and of the Denton and Haughton Volunteers. He is probably best known for the assistance he gave to the Revd John Booker when he was writing his book, ‘A History of the Ancient Chapel of Denton’.

Exterior and interior of Samuel Hadfield's cottage.

Corps of Denton & Haughton Volunteers
This corps was raised in 1803 when England was threatened with invasion during the Napoleonic Wars and about 60 men were mustered. One of the most prominent founders of the corps was the Revd William Parr Greswell. The corps drilled on a plot of land near Crown Point and on Harrison’s Field at Chapel Green. Their uniforms were; red tunics, faced with blue, and black breeches and leggings. Known volunteers are:

Officers                                NCOs
John Peacock, Captain                 William Cooke, Fugleman*
John Cooke, Lieutenant                Abraham Brierley, Fifer**
George Bowler, Lieutenant             Samuel Hardy, Fifer**
John Bond, Ensign (2nd Lieutenant)    James Higginbotham, Drill Sergeant
William Seddon, Drill Sergeant
Thomas Hadfield, Sergeant
Samuel Cooke, Sergeant
James Jackson         William Hall           John Knott
Charles Booth         Joseph Booth           Thomas Wright
Joseph Lees           John Crabtree          James Taylor
John Wild             Joseph Thornhill       Robert Ashworth
William Stopford      Nathan Knowles         Thomas Knowles
James Booth           Thomas Booth           John Crofts
Samuel Robinson       John Arrundale         John Hardy
James Axon            Samuel Axon            Samuel Andrew
Swinlest Bond         George Hibbert         John Haughton
Samuel Lees           James Lees             William Wareham
Joseph Fidler         Jonathan Etchells      Daniel Holland
John Taylor           Daniel Foster          James Howarth
William Band          Charles Bridge         Robert Fidler
Abel Booth            John Farmer

*A fugleman (from the German word, Flügelmann, literally ‘wing man’ but usually meaning ‘file leader’) was originally a soldier at the head of a line of soldiers serving as a model in their drill exercises.
**A fifer is similar to a piccolo.

Further Reading
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