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Denton Colliery, Denton, Lancashire

Roll of Coal Miners, 1881

This roll is in two parts. The first part includes the area on the Denton side of the Denton/Haughton boundary and the second part includes the area on the Haughton side.

The miners lived in the vicinity of Denton Colliery or near other mines owned by Denton Colliery. Their names were obtained from the census, which was taken on the night of the 3/4 April 1881. This roll does not purport to be complete. Unless stated otherwise, the men were all coal miners, that is, they were hewers of coal working underground.

Surname (Age)ForenamesAddressComments
TURNER (45)JohnMarket St
ARROWSMITH (42)RobertTown Ln
ARROWSMITH (18)NathanielCoal Carrier
HARDMAN (55)ThomasTown Ln
HARDMAN (15)George
HARDMAN (13)William
SLATER (15)JohnTown Ln
COUNCIL (21)CharlesTown Ln
HARDMAN (25)Thomas (?)Town Ln
ANDREW (39)WilliamTown Ln
HORNE (?) (25)GeorgeTown Ln
HARRISON (62)JohnChapel Green
HARRISON (30)WilliamChapel Green
TAYLOR (29)SamuelChapel Green
GARDNER (22)JamesChapel Green
BROMLEY (27)JohnChapel Green
ARROWSMITH (44)SamuelTown Ln
WAGSTAFF (35)GeorgeAcre StCoal Carrier
KNOWLES (17)AlbertTown Ln
KNOWLES (15)Joseph
BARKER (40)JamesTown Ln
BARKER (15)Thomas
MORTON (22)GeorgeTown LnCoal Carter
DIGGLE (32)JamesStockport Rd
ARRANDALE (32)JohnStockport Rd
KNOWLES (20)Herbert
BARRETT (21)Joseph12 Fletcher St
HARRISON (70)Joseph16 Fletcher St
CHORLTON (41)Edward
CHORLTON 14)JohnLabourer at Coal Mine
LONGWORTH (65)Peter18 Fletcher StEngine Driver at Coal Mine
HOPE (37)John20 Fletcher St
DUNKS (39)ThomasStockport RdCoal Salesman
CATLOW (16)WilliamStockport Rd
MARLAND (52)JohnStockport Rd
TAYLOR (44)WilliamStockport Rd
TAYLOR (13)JamesAssistant Coal Miner
SHARPLES (47)WilliamStockport Rd
PARKINTON (32)GeorgeStockport Rd
DUGDALE (26)JamesStockport Rd
LEE (47)ThomasStockport Rd
LEE (19)George
LEE (17)Joseph
LEE (13)WilliamAssistant Coal Miner
GREAVES (23)ThomasStockport Rd
HARRISON (60)SamuelStockport Rd
KNOWSON (22)John
STANSFIELD (53)JamesStockport RdInspector of Coal Mines
SUTTON (50)DavidStockport Rd
ROTHWELL (36)JohnSmith St
LEES (55)SamuelSmith St
DIGGLE (57)RobertSmith St
DIGGLE (23)John
ARROWSMITH (49)GeorgeSmith St
COONEY (20)PatrickSmith St
COONEY (18)James
DAY (19)JosephSmith St
DAY (24)Thomas
BOOTH (60)SamuelSmith St
BOOTH (16)Samuel
BOOTH (33)John
COOKE (44)JosephSmith St
HARDMAN (25)William
HARRISON (37)JamesSmith St
LEATHER (38)JohnSmith St
ROSCOE (61)PeterStockport RdMillwright at Coal Mine
EDGE (32)GeorgeStockport Rd
LOMAX (43)WilliamStockport RdEngineer at Coal Mine
LOMAX (21)Joseph
LOMAX (14)James
ARMSTRONG (54)PeterStockport RdColliery Manager
HALL (35)WilliamStockport Rd
HANDLEY (45)JohnTwo Trees LnBanksman
HARRISON (36)GeorgeTwo Trees Ln
LEES (35)JosephTwo Trees Ln
TAYLOR (36)WilliamTwo Trees LnManager
CHATTERTON (16)NathanTwo Trees Ln
CARMICHAEL (32)CharlesTwo Trees Ln
ROSCOE (53)WilliamStockport RdInspector
ROTHWELL (59)Peter22 Fletcher StProprietor
ROTHWELL (16)Charles IClerk
WYATT (31) ¹William2 Shaw St
WYATT (22) ¹HarryFireman
ROSE (52) ¹George6 Shaw StCoal Carter
COOKE (28) ¹James8 Shaw St
BENNETT (61) ¹JamesStockport Rd
GARLICK (19) ¹Jessia (?)
BENNETT (33) ¹James
LOWE (34) ¹JamesStockport Rd
BENNETT (34) ¹William
COLLIER (50) ¹JamesStockport Rd
TRUMAN (23) ¹Henry
OWEN (49) ¹Charles3 Beat Bank
OWEN (14) ¹James A
BENNETT (22) ¹Noble4 Beat Bank
ENGLAND (33) ¹Joseph9 Beat Bank
McEVOY (40) ¹Patrick11 Beat BankEngineer's Stoker
(Boiler Stoker)
DICKENS (58) ¹David (?)1 Holmes Ln²
DICKENS (21) ¹Alfred
ATKINSON (50) ¹Thomas3 Holmes Ln²
ARROWSMITH (13) ¹Joseph7 Holmes Ln²
HARRISON (57) ¹George3 The Holmes³
HARRISON (24) ¹Peter
HARRISON (15) ¹William
WALKER (29) ¹James5 The Holmes³

Surname (Age)ForenamesAddressComments
ARROWSMITH (20)IsaacStockport Rd
MAY (43)FrederickMount Pleasant
HARRISON (46)WilliamMount Pleasant
FRANCE (27)WilliamMount Pleasant
THORNHILL (35)RostranMount Pleasant
BROWN (47)ThomasMount Pleasant
MOLINOX (?) (32)WilliamStockport Rd
REDFERN (52)WilliamStockport Rd
REDFERN (17)Peter
REDFERN (14)Leonard
ARROWSMITH (47)JohnStockport Rd
STANSFIELD (60)MatthewStockport Rd
STANSFIELD (13)William
BOWKER (18)JohnStockport Rd
BOWKER (16)Edward
BOWKER (12)Henry
WILLIAMSON (50)JosephTib St
COONEY (22)MatthewTib St
REDFERN (44)JohnTib St
WELBY (27)CanaanTib St
BERTENSHAW (20)John WilliamTib St
RHODES (22)DavidTib St
STOPFORD (25)CephasTib St
STOPFORD (29)Moses
ENWAR (?) (26)MosesTib St
REDFERN (47)JacobTib St
REDFERN (21)Robert
REDFERN (16)William
RHODES (32)JamesRedfern Square
RHODES (25)Joseph
McDOUGALL (23)HenryTib St
WRIGHT (35)AaronTib St
WRIGHT (67)JohnTib St
STANSFIELD (64)AaronTib StCoal Carrier
TAYLOR (72)CharlesOff Tib St
WALLEY (52)JohnOff Tib St
REDFERN (26)JosephTib St
PHILLIPS (52)EvanTib StUnderlooker at a Coal Mine
PHILLIPS (21)George
COLECLOUGH (28)GeorgeTib St
CATLOW (26)ThomasTib St
WEBSTER (46)GeorgeTib StDeputy at a Coal Mine
WEBSTER (20)WilliamEngineer at a Coal Mine
WEBSTER (17)Reuben
REDFERN (12)PeterTib StHorse driver at a Coal Mine
PARKINSON (51)JosephOff Tib St
PARKINSON (17)Joseph
MALLINDER (33)SamuelOff Tib St
SMITH (25)JamesTwo Trees Ln
COPE (28)John WilliamTwo Trees Ln
BENNETT (70)ThomasTwo Trees LnCoal Cutter
MOORES (25)JosephBack of Two Trees Ln
CROMPTON (73)SimonTwo Trees LnCheckweighman
COPE (65)SamuelTwo Trees Ln
COPE (13)Alfred
COUCILL (27)John ThomasTwo Trees Ln
SEDDON (41)WilliamTwo Trees LnEngine driver at a Coal Mine
SEDDON (21)Eli
SEDDON (18)Henry
BAGGLEY (55)JamesTwo Trees Ln
FORD (38)GeorgeVaudrey Ln4
NEWTON (50)JosephVaudrey Ln
KNOWLSON (16)HebertVaudrey LnHorse driver at a Coal Mine
HARRISON (41)JohnOff Vaudrey Ln
ELLOR (30)SamuelTwo Trees Ln
DIGGLE (25)CharlesTwo Trees Ln
SHAW (29)ThomasTwo Trees Ln
SHAW (26)EdwardTwo Trees Ln
DOODSON (34)JohnTwo Trees LnSecretary & cashier at a
Coal Mine (Denton Colliery)
HARDMAN (38)GeorgeTwo Trees Ln
COWALL (54)RichardTwo Trees Ln
COWALL (20)James
LLOYD (37)JohnEdward St5
INGHAM (43)SamuelEdward St
KNOTT (52)EdwardTwo Trees Ln
DOODSON (27)ThomasTwo Trees LnBookkeeper at Denton Colliery
INGHAM (42)ThomasTwo Trees Ln
INGHAM (14)Samuel
MARSH (53)HenryTwo Trees Ln
MARSH (20)William Henry
MARSH (17)John Ellis
RUSTON (19)John
LIVESEY (43)DavidTwo Trees Ln
LIVESEY (19)Joseph
LIVESEY (19)William
WALKER (35)JohnTwo Trees Ln
MARLAND (22)JacobTwo Trees Ln
MARLAND (15)John William
ANDREW (51)JoelTwo Trees Ln
LLOYD (32)PhilipTwo Trees Ln
BLACKLEDGE (42)JohnLowes Fold6
SMITH (19)Samuel
RICHARDSON (41)WilliamLowes Fold
WOOD (13)James
SMITH (65)SamuelLowes FoldFormer Coal Miner
HALLAM (81)JohnLowes FoldFormer Coal Miner
CLAYTON (52)Samuel
FRANCE (25)Charles
SMITH (33)EdwardLowes Fold
REDFERN (26)SamuelTwo Trees Ln
REDFERN (35)JarvisTwo Trees Ln
REDFERN (14)Christopher
LEES (26)GeorgeOff Two Trees Ln
GOSLING (27)SamuelOff Two Trees Ln
LOMAS (26)ThomasOff Two Trees Ln
(Holland Farm)
HAGUE (36)WrightTwo Trees Ln
BERRY (23)RichardOff Two Trees Ln
BOWKER (49)WilliamTwo Trees Ln
DAVIS (70)EdwardOff Two Trees LnFormer Coal Miner
LEES (32)JohnTwo Trees Ln
STANSFIELD (60)NathanTwo Trees Ln
LOMAX (32)SamuelTwo Trees LnColliery engine man

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