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Denton Colliery, Denton, Lancashire

Roll of Coal Miners, 1861

The following is a roll of some of the miners living in the vicinity of Denton Colliery. Their names were obtained from the census, which was taken on the night of the 7/8 April 1861. This roll does not purport to be complete. Unless stated otherwise, the men were all coal miners, that is, they were hewers of coal working underground.

Note: References to South Street apply to the section of Stockport Road between Crown Point and Three Lane Ends.

Surname (Age)ForenamesAddressComments
HARROWSMITH (21)GeorgeSouth St
KNOWLES (31)AbelSouth St
KNOWLES (11)Mule Driver
PRICE (51)JamesSouth St
BURGESS (36)CharlesSouth StEngineer
BOTTOMS (42)WilliamSouth StCoal Carter
BOTTOMS (12)JamesCoal Carter
SIDEBOTTOM (23)LukeSouth St
STOPFORD (51)WilliamSouth StCoal Carter
MAYERS (22)WilliamSouth St
TAYLOR (12)JohnSouth StWaggoner
REDFERN (26)JosephSouth St
BROOKES (20)William (?)South St
HAGUE (19)JohnSouth St
TAYLOR (17)ThomasSouth St
BARDSLEY (33)ThomasSouth St
BOOTH (20)JohnSouth St
HAGUE (56)JarvisSouth StCoal Dealer
PHILLIPS (41)JohnSouth St
PHILLIPS (11)William GarsideSouth StHorse Driver
CLAYTON (33)SamuelStockport Rd
REDFERN (44)SamuelStockport RdUnderlooker
REDFERN (18)Joseph
REDFERN (16)Jervise
SIMPSON (36)AbrahamStockport Rd
SIMPSON (11)JosephPony Driver
LEVER (41)ThomasStockport RdClerk
ARANDALE (42)SamuelStockport RdBanksman
ARANDALE (15)Joshua
ARANDALE (12)JohnPony Driver
HARRISON (49)JosephStockport Rd
HARRISON (16)George
LANGTON (23)SamuelStockport Rd
ROTHWELL (39)PeterStockport RdAgent and Cashier
MOORES (45)JamesStockport Rd
MOORES (19)John
MOORES (12)UriahPony Driver
CRABTREE (42)JohnStockport RdBanksman
LOMAX (48)JosephStockport RdEngine Driver
REDFERN (64)SolomonStockport Rd
CARMICHAEL (14)GeorgeStockport Rd
ATKINSON (75)JohnStockport Rd
BERTENSHAW (36)JamesStockport RdCarter
PARKINSON (15)GeorgeStockport RdWaggoner
TWYENOULD? (32)JohnStockport Rd
KEMP (55)HenryStockport Rd
KEMP (20)Joseph
KEMP (17)JohnCoal Carrier
KEMP (15)WilliamWaggoner
HARRISON (20)JohnStockport Rd
HARRISON (39)GeorgeStockport Rd
WILLIAMSON (53)JamesStockport Rd
ATKINSON (40)ThomasStockport Rd
COOK (23)Henry
COOK (20)James
GEE (43)JosephStockport Rd
GEE (17)Eli
GEE (19)SamuelStockport Rd
REDFERN¹ (28)JacobHulme's Ln
REDFERN¹ (66)JosephHulme's Ln
INGHAM (23)ThomasTown Ln
BARBER (32)WilliamTown LnBanksman
ARROWSMITH (24)SamuelTown Ln
LORD (19)GeorgeTown Ln
ARROWSMITH (25)RobertTown Ln
NEWTON (31)JosephTown Ln
ARROWSMITH (28)HenryTown Ln
BOWKER (29)JamesTown Ln
WESTON (29)SamuelAcres (Acre St)
TURNER (23)WilliamChapel Green
HARRISON (41)JohnChapel Green
BROMLEY (31)WilliamChapel Green
NEWTON (28)HenryChapel Green
BROMLEY (25)JohnChapel Green
MURRAY (13)JohnChapel Green
BROMLEY (20)CharlesChapel Green
ANDREW (19)WilliamChapel Green
ARROWSMITH (34)WilliamChapel Green
LOWE (41)CharlesChapel Green
ROWLAND (19)JamesChapel Green
HARDMAN (36)ThomasChapel Green
ARROWSMITH (53)NathanielChapel Green
KNOWLES (14)Edward
ARROWSMITH (23)RobertChapel Green

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