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Denton Colliery, Denton, Lancashire

Roll of Coal Miners, 1851

The following is a roll of some of the miners living in the vicinity of Denton Colliery. Their names were obtained from the census, which was taken on the night of the 30/31 March 1851. This roll does not purport to be complete. Unless stated otherwise, the men were all coal miners, that is, they were hewers of coal working underground.

Note: In the table below references to South Street are now the section of Stockport Roadd between Crown Point and Three Lane Ends.

Surname (Age)ForenamesAddressComments
INGHAM (20)AlfredStockport Rd
INGHAM (14)SamuelCoal Waggoner¹
INGHAM (12)ThomasCoal Waggoner¹
HARRISON (68)JohnStockport Rd
HARRISON (16)William
VICKERS (23)ThomasStockport RdCoal Proprietor's Clerk
ROWLAND (22)JohnStockport Rd
COUNCIL (47)Thomas
COUNCIL (17)Thomas
BARDSLEY (25)JohnStockport RdCoal Carter
HARRISON (40)JohnStockport Rd
HARRISON (17)ThomasCoal Waggoner¹
COUNCIL (42)RichardStockport Rd
COUNCIL (20)James
COUNCIL (18)Moses
COUNCIL (16)John
LANGTON (35)ThomasStockport RdBanksman
LANGTON (15)JamesCoal Waggoner¹
LANGTON (13)SamuelGigger (Jigger)
ROTHWELL (29)PeterStockport RdCoal Proprietor's Agent
MORRISON (49)HenryBurton Nook,
Stockport Rd
HARRISON (30)SamuelBurton Nook,
Stockport Rd
HARRISON (10)JohnGigger (Jigger)
LONGWORTH (24)JohnStockport Rd
LONGWORTH (19)Joseph
REDFERN (53)SolomonStockport RdBanksman
REDFERN (18)Joseph
ATKINSON (64)JohnStockport Rd
LONGWORTH (29)ThomasStockport Rd
FIDLER (19)JohnCoal Waggoner¹
REDFERN (26)WilliamStockport Rd
HARRISON (26)GeorgeStockport Rd
KEMP (45)HenryStockport Rd
HARRISON (34)JamesStockport Rd
HARRISON (13)SamuelCoal Waggoner
WILLIAMSON² (43)JamesHulme's Ln
SIDEBOTHAM² (17)LukeHulme's LnCoal Waggoner
REDFERN² (35)SamuelHulme's Ln
HODKINSON² (26)ThomasHulme's Ln
REDFERN² (44)JosephHulme's Ln
REDFERN² (14)JohnCoal Waggoner
ARROWSMITH (25)WilliamTown Ln
BOWKER (19)JamesTown LnCoal Waggoner
HARRISON (33)JohnChapel Green
HARDMAN (26)ThomasChapel Green
BROMLEY (55)JohnChapel GreenCoal Waggoner,
formerly Winder
GRIMSHAW (27)JosephChapel Green
ARROWSMITH (42)NathanielChapel Green
ARROWSMITH (15)RobertCoal Waggoner
BARNSLEY (30)GodfreyChapel GreenCoal Carrier
SHACKFIELD (29)ThomasMill Fold, Bredbury,
adjoining Arden Mill
Weighing Machine Operator
at Hulme's Pit
RYDIARD (25)JamesBurton NookEngine Driver
LEESE (61)SamuelChapel Green
WOLSTENHOLME (55)JamesSouth St
STOPFORD (24)JohnSouth StCoal Carrier
BOOTH (33)RobertSouth StCoal Waggoner
BOOTH (20)IsaacSouth St
HAGUE (40)JarvisSouth St Coal Carrier
(Blind, so dependent
upon his horse)
TAYLOR (14)JohnCrown PointCoal Carrier
HAGUE (21)JamesCrown Point
HOPWOOD (30)JohnCrown PointCoal Carrier
SUTTON (20)DavidChapel Green
LOWE (28)WilliamMount Pleasant
WALTON (25)JosephMount PleasantCoal Waggoner
BENNISON (36)WilliamBroomstairOut of vicinity
LEVER (32)ThomasTib StGrocer & Colliery Clerk
STOPFORD (28)EnochTib St
LEE (15)WilliamTib StCoal Waggoner
ELLOR (25)GeorgeTib St
STANSFIELD (29)MatthewTib StCoal Carrier
HARRISON (76)SamuelTib StCoal Carrier
CATLOW (32)MatthewTib StCoal Shaft Sinker
LEE (23)HenryTib St
WYCH (21)SamuelThree Lane EndsCoal Waggoner
WYCH (22)JamesThree Lane Ends
WYCH (19)EdwardThree Lane EndsCoal Waggoner
HARDMAN (21)RichardThree Lane Ends
ORME (56?)AaronThree Lane EndsCoal Carrier
MASSEY (18)JesseyThree Lane EndsCoal Waggoner
BOOTH (27)SamuelThree Lane Ends
SMITH (71)JohnThree Lane Ends
SMITH (23)Henry
SMITH (21)NathanielCoal Waggoner
ELLOR (26)WilliamThree Lane Ends
CATLOW (22)LewisThree Lane Ends
HIGHTON (24)ThomasThree Lane Ends
REDFERN (28)SolomonThree Lane Ends
LEE (26)SamuelThree Lane Ends
ALDRED (18)EnochThree Lane EndsCoal Waggoner
SMITH (28)EdwardThree Lane Ends
TAYLOR (38)CharlesThree Lane Ends
TAYLOR (13)WilliamCoal Waggoner
ARROWSMITH (37)EdwardCoal Waggoner
ELLOR (52)JohnThree Lane Ends
ELLOR (18)Robert
HARLIN (43)JohnThree Lane Ends
KNOTT (23)EdwardThree Lane Ends
PHILLIPS (17)GeorgeLowes Fold³
MALPAS (20?)MichaelLowes Fold³
MALPAS (19)OswaldCoal Waggoner
MALPAS (12)JamesCoal Waggoner
STANSFIELD (23)JamesLowes Fold³
WILLIAMS (43)ThomasLowes Fold³
WILLIAMS (14)JohnCoal Waggoner
STANSFIELD (31)JohnLowes Fold³
SMITH (34)SamuelLowes Fold³
SWANN (31)RobertTwo Trees Ln
BOOTH (68)SamuelTwo Trees LnFormer Coal Miner
MOORS (27)John
BOWKER (19)WilliamTwo Trees Ln
BOWKER (31)AlexanderTwo Trees Ln
MILLS (21)ReubenTwo Trees Ln
TAYLOR (35)JohnTwo Trees Ln
WORTH (32)Jonathan JamesTwo Trees LnCoal Waggoner
DAVIES (40)EdwardDark Ln
now Mill Ln
Out of vicinity
DAVIES (12)ThomasOut of vicinity,
Coal Waggoner
now Mill Ln
Out of vicinity
WILSON (32)ThomasGlass House FoldOut of vicinity
WILSON (12)WilliamGlass House FoldOut of vicinity
TYM (14)JamesChapel GreenCoal Waggoner
SALE (13)JohnCrown PointOut of work Coal Miner
HAGUE (12)JamesTwo Trees LnCoal Waggoner
HALLAM (45)JohnTwo Trees Ln
STANSFIELD (57)AaronTwo Trees LnUnderlooker
HAGUE (26)JarvisTwo Trees Ln
WIGHT (36)JohnTwo Trees Ln
HIBBERT (26)JohnTwo Trees LnEngine Driver
COOKE (21)J WTwo Trees Ln
TURNER (23)James
WILLIAMSON (21)JosephTwo Trees Ln
HALKYARD (25)JamesMoorfield
TAYLOR (28)SamuelHaughton Green
HAGUE (34)ThomasHaughton Green
HAGUE (12)Will? HCoal Draw Boy
GRATTAN (24)JamesCoal Waggoner
HAGUE (29)WilliamHaughton Green
MERRICK (55)ThomasHaughton Green
AXON (25)John
BROWN (34)BonasProspect Place,
Haughton Green
WRIGHT (46)WilliamHaughton GreenWorks in a Coal Pit
WORTH (20)ThomasHaughton Green
CUSLETT (24)WilliamHaughton GreenCoal Waggoner
BOWKER (21)Eliza (male)Haughton GreenCoal Waggoner
REDFERN (38)LeviHaughton Green
PHILLIPS (23)EvanHaughton Green
KNOWLES (35)WilliamHaughton Green
HAGUE (34)WilliamHaughton Green
MARSHALL (20)JosephHaughton Green
WOOLEY (17)JamesHaughton GreenCoal Waggoner
AXON (35)WilliamHaughton Green
HEGINBOTHAM (45)RalphHaughton GreenCoal Banksman
HEGINBOTHAM (21)GeorgeCoal Pit Engine Driver
COOKE (27)EliasHaughton Green
BARKER (27)WilliamHaughton Green
REDFERN (55)MathewHaughton Green
REDFERN (22)Robert
REDFERN (16)ThomasCoal Waggoner
HAUSFIELD (31)NathanHaughton Green
CROMPTON (35)RobertHaughton Green
SIMPSON (25)AbrahamHaughton Green
WOOLLEY (25)JosephHaughton Green
HILL (27)WilliamHaughton Green
BROWN (44)JamesHaughton Green
VALENTINE (36)ThomasHaughton GreenCoal Pit Engine Driver
VALENTINE (15)JohnCoal Pit Fireman
STANSFIELD (54)MathewHaughton Green
LOMAS (49)RichardHaughton Green
LOMAS (9)OliverCoal Waggoner
MOORS (29)SamuelHaughton Green
BRADBURY (28)SamuelHaughton GreenCoal Waggoner
BRADBURY (67)WilliamFormer Coal Miner
MOORS (41)ThomasHaughton Green
STANSFIELD (26)JohnHaughton Green
REDFERN (30)JosephHaughton Green
SWAN (29)Eliza (male)Haughton Green
FIDLER (20)JamesHaughton GreenCoal Waggoner
FIDLER (17)SamuelCoal Waggoner
WOOLEY (28)ThomasHaughton Green
HAGUE (18)SamuelHaughton Green
HAGUE (16)Jarvis
DAVIS (14)ThomasHaughton GreenCoal Miner's Assistant
REDFERN (29)MathewHaughton Green
HILTON (34)FredickHaughton GreenColliery Engine Driver
HAGUE (32)HenryHaughton Green
REDFERN (48)JosephRyding Ln,
Haughton Green
ASHLEY (20)ThomasRyding Ln,
Haughton Green
BOOTH (36)JosephLower HaughtonColliery Banksman
LEWIS (34)JohnLower Haughton
LEWIS (72)RichardFormer Coal Miner
HIGHTON (33)JohnLower Haughton
MOORS (38)AlveradoLower Haughton
MOORS (11)SamuelCoal Waggoner

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