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The following is a roll of some of the miners living in the vicinity of Denton Colliery. Their names were obtained from the census, which was taken on the night of the 6/7 June 1841. This roll does not purport to be complete. Unless stated otherwise, the men were all coal miners, that is, they were hewers of coal working underground.

Note: In the 1841 census enumerators were expected to round down ages over 15 to the nearest multiple of 5. For example, a person aged 19 should be listed as 15, a person aged 21 should be listed as 20 and a person aged 47 should be listed as 45. In practice some enumerators either did not bother to round down or only rounded down for higher ages, such as those aged over 20 or, less frequently, rounded down ages below 15. Normally, the age of someone under 15 is usually accurate within a year or two.

For persons over the age of 15, whose age is a multiple of 5, they may be up to 4 years older than their census listing shows. For example, a person listed as 45 could be between the ages of 45 and 49. This does not account for errors made by enumerators or family members reporting their ages incorrectly. If the age of someone was unknown then children were supposed to be recorded as ‘under 20’ and adults as ‘over 20’.

For persons over 15 any age that is not a multiple of 5 is likely to be accurate. For example, if a person is listed as 38, then that person probably is 38.

Surname (Age)ForenamesAddressComments
BRADLEY (20)ThomasChapel Green
HENDERSON (40)GeorgeFidler Green
HENDERSON (15)Richard
HENDERSON (14)Thomas
TAYLOR (35)SamuelThree Lane Ends
TAYLOR (18)Richard
TAYLOR (15)James
SMITH (55)JohnThree Lane Ends
SMITH (15)Edward
SMITH (14)Henry
CATLOW (25)GeorgeThree Lane Ends
ORME (45)AaronThree Lane Ends
WRIGHT (35)WilliamThree Lane Ends
RICHARDSON (40)HenryUnidentified
SMITH (20)SamuelThree Lane Ends
TAYLOR (30)CharlesThree Lane Ends
HOWCROFT (35)JamesLowes Fold¹
WARREN (20)ThomasLowes Fold
BRADSHAW (15)CharlesLowes Fold
BRADSHAW (15)Richard
HALLAM (30)JohnLowes Fold
WILLIAMS (30)ThomasLowes Fold
BENISON (25)WilliamTwo Trees Ln
LOCKETT (20)JamesTwo Trees Ln
BOOTH (55)SamuelTwo Trees Ln
BOOTH (15)Samuel
MOORS (20)WilliamTwo Trees Ln
BOWKER (45)ThomasTwo Trees Ln
BOWKER (20)Allexander
BOWKER (14)Levi
TOPPING (20)JohnStockport Ln
LEES (50)SamuelStockport Ln
LEES (20)William
LEES (15)Samuel
TOPPING (20)JohnStockport Ln
HILTON (30)ThomasStockport LnBanksman
HARRISON (45)JohnStockport Ln
HARRISON (20)JamesStockport Ln
MORRIS (40)HenryStockport Ln
ROWLAND (15)JohnStockport Ln
HARRISON (30)JosephStockport Ln
HARRISON (25)JohnStockport Ln
COWCILL (35)ThomasStockport Ln
LANGTON (25)ThomasStockport LnBanksman
BURGESS (20)WilliamBurton Nook,
Stockport Ln
EYGHTON (50)JosephBeat Bank
EYGHTON (15)Thomas
KEMP (30)HenryBeat Bank
ATKINSON (50)JohnBeat Bank
ATKINSON (15)Thomas
JACKSON (40)BenjaminHulme's LnEngineer
ROBY (45)JohnHulme's Ln
WILLIAMSON (40)JamesHulme's Ln
WHITEHEAD (55)JamesHulme's Ln
REDFERNE (25)SamuelHulme's Ln
REDFERNE (45)JosephHulme's Ln
LEAVER (20)ThomasGrange Farm
TAYLOR (35)GeorgeChapel Green
EYGHTON (25)JohnBeat Bank

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